Want to make a t-shirt with your own individual design?

This is a printing technique its keep is not any actual printing done in the typical sense. In the embroidery technique, a new sewing machine sews the structure in the fabric. Almost every polo t-shirt uses this process to print designs. We can see embroidery popularly on corporate workwear. With embroidery, the custom design becomes the main t-shirt fabric itself, and hence will be as long-lasting since the t-shirt. Moreover, nothing looks as great as a design embroidered onto a cloth. It’s professional and appears very elegant.

Ultimately this will depend on your business, your logo and your web visitors. The key circumstances to check for are fabric material, fabric composition plus a high singles count. We’ve given you an summary of some best print options today but there are many more to select from in our product catalogue.

Taking advantage of that marketing power is easier than you might think. While you might have a problem obtaining the assistance of mega-influencers with millions of followers, you shouldn’t overlook nano-influencers.


Want to make your own personal fairly produced custom T-shirt? Good, because it’s never so much easier! Spread shirt carries a huge variety of soft and comfortable men’s, women’s, kid’s and unisex tees (from sizes S-5XL), including summer T-shirts, premium T-shirts, and roll-cuff T-shirts. Regardless of the product, you can easily add your individual flair and style for your attire. Add your own craft, text or uploaded photos using the design tool, or you might alternatively choose an illustration thanks to our free design templates! There’s truly no limit from what you’re able to do when printing and creating t shirt printing philippines with Spread shirt, and what’s more there exists a no minimum order policy when ordering. So forget those plain shirts offering repetitive, common designs. Why not create something unique and one-of-a-kind?

By avoiding excessive design elements or colours, you can avoid turning off a number of your potential prospects. Also, intricate designs or those that include many colours can limit your choices in relation to T-shirt printing methods.


No worries here. Here are a few simple steps it is possible to follow to generate your very first custom all-over-print shirt: Choose your custom all-over-print shirt for your catalogue Add your facts or use Shutterstock integration Order a Sample Make adjustments Decide where you can sell custom all-over-print shirts Set the price Market your custom all-over-print shirts.